Introducing Casual Respondents Workflow - How to Guide

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A new feature which encourages non-Club members to take part in your surveys. This new feature will help you increase your completion rates and grow your membership registrations.



  1. Create a new PROJECT.
  2. Add your desired questions and music to the PROJECT. Please note: The SURVEY COMPLETE PAGE question will appear at the end of survey if the participant decides not to sign up to your Club.
  3. Navigate to the LAUNCH PAGE and select CASUAL RESPONDENTS.
  4. In this section you can activate the Casuals feature (inactive by default). You also have the ability to edit the REGISTRATION MESSAGE the participant will see when they complete the survey. You should include things like the prize they could win, the benefits of joining the club,"thanks for participating"...
  5. Once you have activated the Casuals feature you can share the link with nonClub members, such as your newsletter database or try a targeted Google Ad. Make sure you use an enticing prize. Navigate to the QUESTIONS PAGE to copy the link.
  6. We do not recommend using Facebook to share the Casual link. The Facebook App already exists for this purpose and is specifically designed for the Facebook interface. However, you can use other social media platforms.
  7. You can see how many Casual participants completed your survey on the PROJECTS PAGE.
  8. You can also filter your MUSIC RESULTS based on Casual participants. You can exclude Casuals from the overall result, or focus soley on their results.
  9. You can see how many Casuals converted to full membership status per survey. This is shown on the SUMMARY PAGE.



  1. Participant selects the Casual link.
  2. They complete the survey as normal.
  3. At the end of the survey, rather than redirecting to the DASHBOARD like normal participants, Casual participants are prompted with a DIALOG.
  4. The DIALOG provides three choices regarding membership registration: Yes, No, or the optional Third choice (customizable).
  5. When a participant selects Yes, they’ll be taken to the SHORT REGISTRATION FORM to sign up as a member.
  6. If they are already a member, they will get an error that says the email is registered. They can then login with the ALREADY A MEMBER? link.
  7. When a participant selects No, they’ll see the SURVEY COMPLETE PAGE.
  8. When a participant selects the Third choice, they’ll be taken to the CASUAL REGISTRATION FORM where they provide contact details for the prize draw. This third button is optional. Leave the CASUAL SIGN UP BUTTON TEXT field blank if you do not want to use this option.



  1. Watch the How To Video.
  2. Login to Airtime to try it for yourself!
  3. Remember, there are safe guards in place to discourage participants from doing the same Casual Survey multiple times.
  4. If you experience any issues or if you still have questions, please email us: We will be happy to assist you!
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