Introducing Questions Library and Content Trending

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Look out! Two new features for Airtime Surveys – the Questions Library and Content Trending. Check out the video we made to explain these new features.

Before you start playing there are a few knitty gritty details you should read first.

How do these new features work?

  • A template question is an entry in the Questions Library.
  • You can see how many surveys have used a question template. Navigate to the questions library to see the dropdown list of linked surveys.
  • Old survey questions can be added to the questions library even if a survey has finished. Click on “Copy to Library” on the Questions page and that question will be added to your Library.
  • You can sort on question type, date modified and number of linked surveys in the Questions Library.
  • You can only view trending data for multiple choice questions.
  • You can trend as many past surveys as you want. By default the results trend back to the first time that question was used. However, you can set a desired time-frame by using tracking options.
  • Using specified dates for tracking options are survey schedule inclusive.
  • You can save trending chart as an image.

What are the limitations?

  • Editing a template question when in the question list will cause the question to be unlinked meaning it will no longer trend. If you need to edit a template question, it is recommended to add a new entry to the Questions Library.
  • You cannot edit or delete existing template question in the questions library. We recommend adding new entries to the Questions Library.
  • Branching cannot be used in a template question. But it can be used when an individual question is added to a survey.
  • If you’re having trouble or would like to know more, please contact us.
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