Daylight Saving Time: How does it work in MusicMaster? - by Thomas Roth

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Daylight Saving Time is done automatically in MusicMaster Windows. As long as your Windows operating system has up-to-date files, it will know when Daylight Saving Time should occur and MusicMaster will follow it. Whether your schedule will be adjusted will be determined by the settings on your Windows computer. You can see your setting in the Control Panel of Windows, Date/Time setting, Time Zone tab. You can also select Help, System Info in MusicMaster. The top of this display will list the dates when Daylight Saving Time is in effect for your machine. 


If those settings recognize Daylight Saving Time, MusicMaster will also recognize Daylight Saving Time and your logs will add or subtract the hour accordingly.

Should you wish to override this feature, you can do so under Tools, Options, Dataset Options, Additional Properties. Schedule section has an option for IgnoreDST. A setting of 1 will disable Daylight Saving Time.


MusicMaster for Windows was designed to inherit Daylight Saving Time settings directly from Microsoft Windows. This means that as long as your copy of Windows is updated to recognize the new DST changes, MusicMaster will automatically follow these new settings. No updates to the MusicMaster software will be required. However, you must ensure that your copy of Windows has been updated to recognize these changes. The procedure to do this will vary depending on the version of Windows you are using.

For Windows Vista and newer, nothing needs to be done as these operating systems understand these changes already.

For Windows XP, Microsoft has made an update package available. This high priority update was released through Windows Update on Feb 13, 2007. Computers that are configured to install high priority updates automatically will receive this update, provided Windows XP has been updated with Service Pack 2. You can also download and manually install this DST patch yourself. See the references section below.

For Windows 2000, Microsoft has published tools and instructions on their web site to update this operating system for the new DST changes as well. In our opinion, these instructions are way too complicated for the average computer user. We have, however, found a free utility made by a third-party company that easily makes these adjustments for you. You can find a link to this utility and the official Microsoft notes in the references section below.

For Windows 98/ME, Microsoft does not appear to have any useful information available at all. We have, however, found a free utility made by a third-party company that easily makes these adjustments for you. You can find a link to this utility in the references section below.

We have also provided a new version of the MusicMaster System Information utility that will show when Daylight Saving Time adjustments are schedule for the current year. You can use this to confirm that the proper settings are in place on your computer.

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